Ativan Abuse Treatment

Ativan is used as a temporary cure for anxiety and insomnia. It suppresses certain functions of the brain and central nervous system. Ativan addiction begins with prescription drugs that are given by doctors to treat anxiety. Because this drug is based on benzodiazepine it has a risk of tolerance and dependence. Doctors do not recommend the use of Ativan for periods extending beyond four months. However there are also people using the drug even where it has not been prescribed as treatment.

As the use of this drug continues the addict has to take more of the drug in order to get the same effect. This may mean that the user takes higher doses more frequently. When this cycle is continued the final destination will be a rehab facility.

It is dangerous to stop using Ativan abruptly. It should be phased out gradually under the supervision and guidance of qualified personnel on a well scheduled basis. You can seek treatment for this addiction from either an inpatient or an outpatient drug abuse rehab center. With an outpatient treatment program the addict is able to continue leading a regular life either at home or at work.

Ativan Abuse Treatment

The patient can go for treatment at the center at a predetermined time and return home or to the office to resume normal activities. Before signing up for Ativan addiction treatment you should consult the doctor who initially prescribed Ativan to you. If you still require medication to cure insomnia or anxiety the doctor can recommend a safe alternative during the time you will be in rehab.

Even where the addiction did not result from prescription use of Ativan it is wise to consult a doctor who can help you in your search for an appropriate rehab facility. The first step in the treatment process is detoxification. This is a process in which the body is cleansed of the remaining toxins in the body. A doctor’s supervision of the treatment process is vital since it will be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification is followed by a series of meetings at which you complete the rest of the treatment.

There is no kind of addiction that is easy to treat. It is even more complicated to attempt it without the supervision of a qualified doctor. Those who have attempted to treat addiction without proper supervision end up relapsing. Addiction treatment that is done in a resident drug abuse rehab center is more likely to achieve the desired result than one where the patient moves between the center and home.

In an outpatient arrangement the addict has the chance to sneak off and get drugs especially when the craving is overwhelming. A resident rehab center completely keeps the addict away from the environment that contributed to his involvement with drugs.

For the best results in dealing with the problem of addiction it is advisable for an addict to commit to a lifelong rehabilitation program. Many addicts crave drugs occasionally even years after quitting the habit. A lifelong commitment to wellness will ensure that the addict does not run the risk of going back to the use of the drug or any other drugs.