Ativan Abuse Side Effects

Ativan is just one of the names that are used to market the drug Lorazepam. Other brand names for this drug are Loraz, Alzapam and Intensol. Ativan is considered the safest form of this drug as its effects on the liver are not very severe. This means it can be taken in conjunction with other drugs such as contraceptives that do affect the liver.

Despite being less harmful on the liver than the other forms of Lorazepam, it has been found to have very serious side-effects. If you use Ativan and you are suffering from these side effects you should immediately consult your doctor. You may also consider hiring an attorney to help you sue for injuries in a court of law. Drugs and medicine are supposed to make you well, not put your health in more jeopardy.

Ativan Abuse Side Effects

The treatment for Ativan addiction or its side-effects is not easy and you should not try it on your own. It should be done under the guidance of a qualified doctor, preferably in a rehab center. Ativan is a prescription drug that is issued by doctors. For this reason most people are ignorant of the potentially addictive nature of the drug. This drug is not supposed to be used over a long period of time.

The recommended maximum time over which this drug should be used is four months. Once the body shows the adverse effects of Ativan, a thorough detox program must be used to clean the system. The detox from Ativan is complicated by the fact that it is intended to calm anxiety but it ends up making the user more anxious. Most Ativan users are not very keen on stopping the use of the drug and may physically crave it. The user will thus have a great dependency on it and will often use it as it makes him or her relax and feel happy.

Ativan has many side-effects that can be harmful to the user. If you use this drug you may experience difficulty in breathing, as though your throat is closing or you may notice that your tongue, lips and face become swollen. Some people develop sores on the mouth and throat and their skin and eyes turn yellow. A rash on the skin is also possible. Hallucinations, visual changes and confusion are also evident in some people.

These side-effects can pose a serious threat to the life and health of the patient. A lot of care should be taken when taking Ativan as it has reactions with other chemical substances. For example it should not be used together with alcohol. This poses a contradiction as it is used to treat withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism. It can however be used safely if you involve the services of a medical doctor.

The doctor will most likely recommend that you taper off the drugs slowly until your body gets used to functioning without the use of Ativan. The best results of drug abuse rehabilitation are when you are admitted to a facility where you are monitored round the clock.